Don’t Allow Faulty Concrete To Turn Into Safety Threats

Don’t Allow Faulty Concrete To Turn Into Safety Threats

Damaged Concrete in UtahOne of the key responsibilities you have as a home or building owner is to ensure that its occupants are safe and secure from every possible threat. You may view these threats as external factors (such as intruders and inclement weather), but there are hazards that can actually start from the inside of a structure. Settled, sunken, uneven, or sloping concrete are some of them.

Fortunately, there are several ways to avert the threats posed by these damaged concrete components and prevent further damage to your home or building. Slab jacking is one of them.

Slab jacking 101

Utah experts explain that slab jacking primarily involves a process designed to raise and support concrete that has settled, sunk, or sloped. It makes use of a cement-based grout usually consisting of sand, lime, or a combination of both. It is important not only to use high-quality materials, but specialized equipment too.

Applications slab jacking is best used for

For homes that have settled exterior concrete, including porches, sidewalks, and pool decks can benefit from slab jacking. Whether you need to raise, relevel, reinforce small or large slabs, such as those in your garage flooring system and driveway, you can rely on slab jacking professionals to help you out.

The slab jacking advantage

For residential and commercial pools featuring vinyl liners, slab jacking is their only option to lift faulty concrete. The reason for this is because technician can create grout to come up with a very thick solution, giving it the strength and durability it needs to prevent lining damages.

The bottom line

The last thing you want to happen is to put someone in danger because of these problems your home’s or building’s concrete foundations. Contact a company in Utah specializing in slab jacking as soon as you notice any symptom of concrete foundation issues.