DUI Check: Temper and Body Language Matters

She likes youA police officer stopping you on the road can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if they think you are driving under the influence of alcohol. Often, things can get out of hand, which eventually leads to something physical and violent. Even if you know you have not done anything wrong, how you act matters and will affect the outcome of a simple road check.

Flaring tempers

The normal response to a DUI check is fear and confusion, but it is important that you keep a cool and level head during the entire process. A DUI lawyer in Littleton, Colorado explained, “It’s important to stay calm and do the right thing to avoid worse consequences. Making hasty decisions without consulting a DUI lawyer may worsen the situation.” It is natural to get angry, but never take it out on the police officers. The truth is, they are just doing their jobs and making sure the roads are safe for everyone. Lashing out will only increase an officer’s suspicion that you are guilty of DUI.

Act Natural

How you act in the face of scrutiny is also crucial. Police officers will respond with force when they interpret your movements as aggressive or with potential to cause them harm. Quick movements and large gestures are things you should avoid, as these will come off as aggressive body language. Obviously, never react with profanity as this shows you are unwilling to cooperate.

Police officers will always expect the worse when they pull someone over; if they see that you are willing to comply, the whole process may go smoothly. You do not necessarily have to appease the officer; just act natural.

When a police officer stops you at a DUI checkpoint, remember that they are just doing a routine check. They are not detaining you yet, so do not overreact and cause more trouble to yourself. A level head and a calm attitude will go a long way in these instances.


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