Leaving The Scene of a Car Crash

Leaving The Scene of a Car Crash

Car accidents happen nearly every day in California, and they can happen to anyone. What happens if you decide to leave the scene of an accident? It’s normal to instinctively want to flee whenever you’re in a situation that’s possibly dangerous and definitely stressful. But after a car crash, following that instinct can result in some bad consequences.

charges for hit and run

Here are some things that may happen to you:

Hit and run misdemeanor

In California, it’s a misdemeanor hit and run if you leave the scene of an accident that resulted in property damage. It’s a serious crime with fines reaching up to $2,000 and may result in possible jail time for a year. Get advice from your lawyer, as they can explain the situation and prepare a defense.

Felony hit and run

If the accident involves injuries or death, the punishment will be severe. Even if it’s not your fault, leaving the scene without calling the police is a hit and run felony. Keep in mind, both hit and run felony and misdemeanor charges are as serious they are because of the fleeing aspect.

Warrant of arrest

If the police determined that you are involved and have fled the scene, there will be a warrant out for your arrest. They will immediately proceed to finding you. Learn more about the legal consequences from the reliable law experts such as Nolo and Mr Ticket.

Driving away after a car accident can result in charges for hit and run, cancellation of your license, or worse, imprisonment. So learn what you can to increase your odds of winning the case.