Benefits of Using Tilt Tray Towing Services for Tow Truck Accident Pulling in Brisbane

Benefits of Using Tilt Tray Towing Services for Tow Truck Accident Pulling in Brisbane

Tilt Tray TowMost of the time, when we see or hear anything about tow trucks, the image that comes to mind is a broken vehicle connected to the hook of the truck. We pray for the safety of the driver and passengers and hope that no one got hurt in the mishap.

Most, if not all emergency tow trucks utilize the hook-and-chain setup to haul damaged vehicles. However, a new type of technology has improved the means these vehicles do their business. This new method is the tilt-tray towing service.

What are tilt-trays and why are they better? Here is what you should know about them.

Tilt-Tray Operations

In Brisbane, accident tow trucks, also called flatbed trucks, are larger than your run-of-the-mill towing vehicle. The main difference between tilt-tray trucks and regular tow trucks is that the former does not drag the damaged car across the street, but carries it on a tilted platform on top of the tow vehicle.

Tilt-tray tow trucks feature a large front seating area and an ample rear section to store the vehicle. The size of the rear section varies as it may have the capacity of carrying up to three vehicles all at once.

The tray operates by tilting back using hydraulic power until the end of the tray meets the ground. Towers connect a winch rope to the towed car, which pulls this vehicle up the tray. When it becomes level with the tray, the operators bring the tray back to a horizontal position, where they will secure it for transport.

So Why Choose Tilt-Tray Towing?

Sometimes, when a vehicular accident involves several automobiles and some are in awkward, unorthodox positions, regular tow trucks do not possess the strength or specialty to tow them. The tilt-tray tow trucks can position their platform at different angles, to load and secure the incapacitated cars.

It was just recently that tilt-tray trucks began to replace the aging hook-and-chain tow vehicles. While newer trucks will certainly replace tilt-trays in the feature, at the moment they are the most efficient and safest towing vehicle in use in the country.


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