Allergy Hotspots in Your Home

Allergy Hotspots in Your Home

allergy hotspotAre your kids constantly sneezing and coughing? Look around the house. Is it clean? Don’t hastily answer. You may think your house is spotless and clean, but the truth is most homes have allergens that cause the itchy eyes, shortness of breath, and asthma. Allergens like to harbor in different areas at home. You might be surprised, they are in the furniture and fixtures you use every day.


Pets love to lie down on carpets, which is why their tiny skin flakes often accumulate in rugs and mats. Sometimes they also bring pollen or mold spores from outdoors and these are also allergens, which may affect the health of the family. The easiest way to deal with pet dander is to have no pets, but of course, you just can’t let go of your favorite dogs and cats.

Regular carpet and floor cleaning can reduce pet dander. Vacuum cleaning may not be as effective as it can be, though, so get professional cleaning services that offer advanced cleaning equipment.

Couches and Mattress

Couches and mattresses give relaxation to weary bodies, but they can collect dust and become a breeding ground for unseen dust mites. Experts say that the body parts and feces from these creatures trigger allergies. Dust mites like to feed on dead skin cells of humans and pets, and live in warm and damp environments. It’s important to clean couches and mattresses regularly to reduce dust mites.

Shower Tiles

Mold often grow in damp areas, like the bathroom space. There may be mold spores in your shower tiles and the bathroom walls. If there are leak problems at home, make sure to repair them immediately to prevent mold. If you already have this problem, there are cleaning products that can effectively kill these growths.

Allergens pose health risks for the family, so it’s important to take steps to reduce them. Maintain cleanliness to ensure a safe and healthy home.


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