When It’s No Longer a Magic Carpet Ride: Ways Your Dirty Carpet Can Harm Your Family

When It’s No Longer a Magic Carpet Ride: Ways Your Dirty Carpet Can Harm Your Family

carpet cleaningWhen homeowners think about potential hazards in their living space, their carpet is probably at the bottom of their list. After all, carpets conjure images of warmth, comfort and style. But the truth is, if you neglect your carpet and don’t give it the right amount of maintenance it needs, prepare to suffer from mold, fungi, toxins, mildews, bacteria, pests and the list goes on.

Below, Emerald Carpet Cleaning shares some of the possible health issues your family may encounter if you don’t clean your carpets:


If there’s anyone in your family with pre-existing allergies, they may suffer an allergic attack if you leave your carpets dirty for a long period of time. When they come in contact with the accumulated contents of your dirty carpet, such as pet hairs, dusts and tiny insects, they might have allergic reactions. The most usual ones are sneezing, itchy skin and malaise.

Infection and Skin Irritation and Infection

A filthy carpet can be a breeding ground for both living and non-living skin irritants that can cause itchiness, redness, or even swelling. This becomes an even bigger problem due to the fact that common house pests like rats and roaches are usually attracted to those particles found in a dirty carpet’s fibres. You may suffer from contagious fungal infection such as athlete’s foot. These can also trigger skin asthma attacks.

Respiratory Problems

As discussed above, dirty carpets are the perfect place for harmful, tiny organisms to multiply and invade our homes. Carpet regulars such as pet hair, dirt and human skin cells serve as the ‘food’ for dust mites, moulds and volatile compounds, and when they get kicked into the air due to foot traffic, people can inhale them and cause breathing problems. These include runny noses, simple coughing, adverse allergic reactions and cold-like symptoms.

Carpet cleaning is something that homeowners should never neglect. To avoid any of these and maintain a healthier home, go for expert carpet cleaning services to get the best results.