Who You Gonna Call? Wetbusters!

Who You Gonna Call? Wetbusters!

cleaning dirt carpetWater leakage in your homes could seriously damage not just your floors, but also your carpets and furniture. The water that accumulates from leaky pipes or other sources provides molds, mildew and fungi with the perfect breeding environment. In addition, there persists a smell in your home, even after cleaning and mopping up all the water.

Such extreme cases, where the walls and floor of your home, your upholstery, and other home items suffer exposure to water, require the services of a professional cleaner.

Bosscarpetcleaning.com lists down some of the things a professional cleaning company can do to protect your home from water damage:

  • First, the facts: water damage insurance is the second most filed claim in the US, with 40 percent of homeowners saying that they have experienced such damage at least once in their homes. Of these, 93% are preventable, such as due to failing plumbing.
  • Carpet cleaning. When dusty rugs and carpets get wet, you would have a mess on your hands. The carpets take a long time to dry, and wet carpets produce a bad odor.
  • Professional cleaners can help get your home back in shape after a bad episode of leaking pipes and flooding. Water mitigation services prevent additional water damage.
  • Water extraction and dehumidifying. Professionals have specialized equipment that can extract the water absorbed into the padding, carpets and upholstery. They also use equipment for dehumidifying and drying your home.
  • They also prevent secondary damage. Professional cleaners help you avoid any secondary damage to your home, or items in the house, by using appropriate water extraction and cleaning techniques.

Professional cleaners do more than just clean, but they also prevent more cleaning in the future and correct those sources. When it comes to cleanups after flooding, trust a professional cleaning company to handle your needs.


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