Sydney Function Centres: How Tos to Where Tos

Sydney Function Centres: How Tos to Where Tos

function centreThere is no dearth of good function centres in Sydney, which can host from small events as a child’s birthday party to affairs as big and important as a business conference. The list of events also includes weddings, marriage receptions and grand banquets hosted for varied other reasons. Some of the popular function centres in Sydney are also suitable for a range of occasions, netting them the name “multi-function centres”.

This is certainly a positive point for the city that it boasts of a bevy of function halls. Sometimes, though, the number of choices can only be overwhelming. To help you narrow down your choices, here are a few simple tips:

Size of the hall

Look at the size of the Sydney function centre and how many people it can hold at a time. This is an important consideration since no one wants your guests to feel cramped in the place, nor do you wish to see the place half-empty even with full attendance. Your best bet is to find a hall that can accommodate the number of people, and pick accordingly based on the size of the crowd.

The menu

After the space, the next on the list is the food and beverage. Glance over their menu and see if the food offering is satisfactory, and would be appropriate for the occasion – you do not want, for example, to serve meat on a vegetarian gathering!

A good idea is to check past customer reviews about the place; majority opinion is unbiased most of the time. Some organizers can also bring their own choice of caterer – try asking if the centre allows this.

Other, but Equally Important, Considerations

Another important consideration is the location of function centre. Ideally, choose a place that is accessible from airports, train stations and bus stops. The hall should be easy to locate with plenty of landmarks, and feature adequate parking space.

Finally, ask if the function centre offers decoration services as a package. This way you can save time, efforts and money on hiring a decorator.

A good function centre fulfils all these requirements, but they usually have fully booked schedules. See if they can squeeze you in, and when they did, make the most out of it by researching and planning beforehand.


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