Saying No to Common Chronic Diseases

Saying No to Common Chronic Diseases

health and wellnessAccording to the World Health Organisation (WHO), chronic diseases are among the leading causes of death worldwide. Cancer, diabetes, and hypertension account for around 35 million deaths per year.

Living in a fast-paced environment exposes people to stress and various forms of pollution. Along with the exposure to significantly higher pollution levels, people in cities also consume more processed foods than those from rural areas. Thomson Lifestyle Centre and other health and wellness experts say it is important to be aware of the possibilities.


Cancer screening is best if you have a family history of cancer. Both men and women are recommended to undergo lung, liver, and colorectal cancer screening, especially those with hepatitis or who are chronic smokers. Monthly examinations are suggested for women to detect early symptoms of breast, ovarian, or cervical cancer.


Cupcakes, ice cream, brownies, and other desserts are little treats that can lead to all sorts of trouble if you have too much. Your sweet tooth may be happy, but your body will suffer as you consume more sugar. Today’s food fads are behind the growing number of people with diabetes. It is important to manage, if not prevent diabetes to avoid complications such as blindness, heart attack, and even amputation.

Kidney Diseases

Almost a thousand people in Singapore experience renal failure each year. According to Singaporean health experts, more than half of end-stage renal disease cases are caused by diabetes. If you do not want to wait 9 years for a kidney transplant, you should go and have your kidneys checked by a specialist.

You can undergo general health screening and different body composition analyses like full cholesterol profile and liver function test. You can get an executive health screening and go through specialised tests such as retina photograph, tonometry, or cardiac stress test. Women above 40 should undergo Pap smear and mammogram yearly.

These chronic diseases are common, but they are also preventable. Early detection is the key to managing health risks. Consult your doctor if you notice something different in your body. Genetic factors may be beyond your control, but you can take care of your body through an executive health screening.


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