Hot Baths Are Awesome for Your Health

Hot Baths Are Awesome for Your Health


More people are enjoying their quick trips to the spa. Statista data revealed over 186 million Americans visited a bath in 2017. That’s a far cry from 160 million in 2008.

In fact, men and women treated themselves to some relaxing luxury during the Great Recession. In 2009, at least 143 million decided that it was time to take a break from life’s problems.

Others, meanwhile, prefer to invest in luxury. More people are searching for Bullfrog spa dealers in Utah. Bullfrog is one of the popular outdoor spa brands in the market today. It’s famous for its energy-efficient and personalized bio-engineered JetPak massage therapy. Most of these consider spas as a treat for everyday toil, but in reality, you can enjoy more significant benefits from the experience:

Reduction of Inflammation

Several studies suggest inflammation might be the root cause of different types of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. To combat it, experts recommend exercising. Exercise itself can increase inflammation due to the stress it gives on the muscles. Unlike the chronic one, it is often low-grade and acute. Moreover, it promotes an anti-inflammatory response, which can have a longer-lasting effect.

Man taking a bath

The problem is that not everyone can exercise, such as older people and individuals with mobility problems. They can have a permanent disability or an injury that needs long-term recovery.

Soaking in a hot bath can be a good alternative. In a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, hot water treatment can reduce inflammation. The researchers learned that even a single immersion could already increase the production of nitric oxide. This helps dilate the blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation and the delivery of nutrients to various organs. Those who participated in a two-week treatment reported lower insulin levels and low-grade inflammation when they were at rest.

Improvement of PCOS Symptoms

The human body is so complicated. Women, for example, can experience a wide range of health issues. One of these is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a marvel for many doctors because of its long list of broad symptoms. These can include weight gain, excessive growth hair, voice changes, and menstrual issues. Some types of research also showed that women are prone to aggression, anxiety, and depression. There might also be a link between it and thyroid problems.

Hormone disruption in PCOS can be severe enough that women might not be able to bear a child. If they do, the condition increases their risk of miscarriage. So far, there’s no known cure to PCOS, but doctors believe managing the symptoms can also improve the outcome.

A 2018 study revealed that passive heat therapy might be one of the novel approaches, especially for obese women who are less tolerant of an exercise program. One of the reasons is heat’s ability to improve glucose levels. Previous research on the condition showed that PCOS might be due to a woman’s resistance to insulin. In fact, women with the syndrome can undergo diabetes screening more often than those who don’t have it.

The next time you consider improving your health, consider going beyond gym memberships. Instead, think about having a hot bath in your backyard.