Is Your Child At Risk from Asthma?

Is Your Child At Risk from Asthma?

Person with AsthmaThere are things at home that could lead to an asthma attack. These things can trigger asthma because of allergens, which irritate the lungs that can trigger a rush. Asthma is a silent killer. Many people have died because of uncontrolled asthma.

About 235 million people have asthma. Usually, it will not occur if there are no triggers. In fact, you may not have known it but some of the most common things you have at home can be the culprit behind the recurring attack of your child.

Here are some of them.

Unclean Carpets

If you do not clean your carpets daily, and your child loves to go barefoot, run around and play on your carpet, then you are exposing your child to more triggers. Carpets are some of the things you cannot do without at home, especially when you have a toddler.

Employ the services of carpet cleaning firms in Auckland to ensure your child is safe.

Stuffed Animals

Children love to cuddle with the stuffed toys you have at home. They may be cute and huggable, but they can be the asthma trigger you would not want your child embracing. These stuffed animals can absorb a lot of dust and you might not notice it at all.

Dust is one of the common asthma triggers that your child must avoid. To ensure that your child’s stuffed animal will not be a haven for dust, make sure that you routinely wash them in hot water.

Non-Hypoallergenic Pillows

The beddings, those things that your child loves to stay for several hours, are among those that could trigger an attack. Dust mites, which are common asthma triggers, love your mattress, bed sheets and pillows. In order to avoid dust mites, use hypoallergenic pillows.

Try to avoid those down pillows and comforters for they too can cause an asthma flare.

Ensure that your child avoids exposure to these triggers. If any of these is indispensable, such as the beddings and carpets, make sure that they are always clean. That way, you will avoid a possible asthma attack.