Dirty Carpets and Your Health: Why Should You Be Concerned?

Dirty Carpets and Your Health: Why Should You Be Concerned?

Dirty CarpetCarpets make your home more inviting. They beautify each room and help prevent slips, trips and falls. In fact, it can even act as a cushioning material in case of accidents. Seeing as carpets have so many functions, you should treat it the way you do with your valuables. Keep them as clean and good-looking as possible. Not only will doing these maintain their quality and beautiful appearance, it can prevent health hazards.

The Types of Bacteria in Dirty Carpets

When you leave your carpets dirty and unwashed, expect them to accumulate many different elements in the form of microorganisms, such as moulds, mildew, and other types of bacteria. The worst part about is that many of these can cause health problems. The main reason for carpets become mouldy is because the organic debris keeps piling up in and on them. Decaying matter, like food spills, and even human shedding can feed these disease-causing microorganisms.

Pest and Other Unwanted Guests

Filthy carpets open your doors to unwanted, nuisance-causing pests. In fact, these pests — such lice, carpet beetles and bugs — can cause health issues by spreading and transmitting diseases, both directly and indirectly. Controlling pests can be a difficult DIY task, especially since most of them go deep within your carpets.

Before this even happens, A-Jet Services Ltd and other cleaning professionals recommend looking for experts offering carpet-cleaning services in Auckland or anywhere you live in the North Island.

Allergy and Other Respiratory Triggers

With all the people (and possibly pets) walking on your carpets, it will surprise you to know how much dead skin cells, dust, as well as pet dander and fur, can build-up on and beneath the surface. These can trigger allergic reactions, especially to people who already have allergies or asthma.

As you can see, dirty carpets should never have a place in your home. Do you part in regularly cleaning and vacuuming them, whether by yourself or with the help of a professional.