Exhausted Over Work? Here are 4 Pampering Ideas for You

Exhausted Over Work? Here are 4 Pampering Ideas for You

DinnerMultitasking and busyness seem to be the norm in workplaces worldwide. Instead of focusing at one task at a time, an employee is juggling multiple responsibilities; thus, causing unnecessary stress even at a young age.

If you’re a yuppie who often feels exhausted and anxious after a long day’s work, perhaps it’s time to give yourself a treat. Here are four pampering ideas to help fuel your motivation.


Chronic stress and even simple brainstorming sessions take a toll on your body. Conversely, you need a healthy body to come up with more creative ideas for your next big marketing or innovation project. If you’ve been clocking more than forty hours of work a week, consider booking a spa and massage treatment over the weekend. Those deep muscle massage and exfoliating will rejuvenate your skin and reenergize your body.

Dinner Date

Fancy dinner dates may be expensive, but what are you rendering overtime work for if not for yourself. If you feel unhappy with the usual Chinese takeout, have a dinner date with your mum, a friend, or even just by yourself. Have a glass of wine with that four-course meal and feel satisfied that you can afford to treat yourself because of that long-awaited promotion.


If you’re the extroverted type, perhaps having a party with your friends or colleagues is the best option. You can go to any bar near your office or even book function venues for a private party. You can celebrate the success of your project and invite those who helped you achieve your goal for this quarter.

Form a New Habit

Researchers say that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. If you’re overworked and tired and always praying for Friday to come sooner, perhaps it’s your attitude and not the volume of work that’s causing stress. Reflect about your work ethics and daily habits. Consider making a daily checklist and prioritising tasks to maximise your hour. Make a habit of leaving work on time and maybe you’ll be freer to do more good things for yourself when you separate office and personal time.

Working hard is rewarding in the long run, but you need to motivate yourself occasionally. Consider the pampering ideas above when you next achieve a work goal and see which fits your mood the most.


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