Fame or Shame? Dealing with Newfound Fame

Fame or Shame? Dealing with Newfound Fame

Fame is a bee was a poem written by Emily Dickinson back in the 19th century. The poem serves as a slight warning regarding the pitfalls of fame as well as the fleeting moments of enjoying the limelight and celebrity life.

Fame is something that people may want to achieve in life, whether it be staying in hotels with room service and stone countertop bathroom sinks in Provo hotels, touring in a band, or signing dozens of autographs.

Fame could also be something a person acquires, sometimes unintentionally through an unwanted video going viral or because of a person’s ability to sing and dance. Being famous has its benefits, but also has its own price.

As a person with fame or influence, dealing with the public and the media can be a challenge, especially for newcomers. The first thing to capitalize on is improving your public-relations skills.

Learning your own Truths

Press and paparazzi can bend information and spread rumors about you that simply aren’t true or misunderstood, this could lead the public to believe this as a truth. Facing media scrutiny is part of the job. And the first thing you have to realize is that by being true to yourself, you’ll be able to manage your own self-image and be true to who you are.

This is despite all the negative press releases floating around.

Appreciating your Fanbase

They are a key reason for your fame and should be taken care off. Your fans, large or small in number, will support you and defend you in times of crisis as well as help you open doors to opportunities you’ve only dreamed of.

Being true to yourself and advertising what you believe in can help increase your fanbase and give them a reason to stick by you, through thick and thin.

You are a brand

Whether you are famous or not, standing for something is important in everyday life. Your fame means that people look up to you and support what you stand for. Support advocacies and projects that echo what you believe in, especially in relation to your fanbase and your truths.

Remember to conduct yourself accordingly and behave as if you’re always being watched, a reality of fame. Be aware of what comes out of your mouth and what you wear as well, as this can damage your reputation. Be a good brand influence and role model, for yourself and your fans.

Embrace the hate

giving autograph

Where there are people who worship the ground you walk in, there are people who straight up won’t like what you represent or what you stand for. As the saying goes, you can’t please everybody and this rings especially true if you’re famous.

For all the haters and abusive comments online, keep in mind that bashers and trolls will always exist and can keep behind the safety of their keyboards, typing away without caring for the hate and misinformation may spread. Do not be too affected by internet trolls and instead focus on your fanbase and your career.

Your Media Visibility

Being friends with the media may not sound appealing at first, but this is a reality when walking the red carpet. Participate in events and auctions and be proud of your fashion sense, wit, and devotion for the industry and your fans.

Media people may not be perfect, but rubbing shoulders with the right people can help give you positive exposure and more reasons for people to look up to you.

Fame may not be for everyone, and people can also fall back. This is not a bad thing as people can choose to stay in a life away from the media and overexposure. Being a brand of yourself and making a living of what you enjoy doing can make fame an added bonus to an already stressful job as an actor, musician or celebrity.

Instead of abusing your fame, remain true to yourself and be an advocate for something you truly stand for.