First Day at Work? Here’s How to Dress for Success

First Day at Work? Here’s How to Dress for Success

People in Corporate AttireIn the corporate arena, how you present yourself is important if you wish to establish your personal brand. As a representative of your company, moreover, you want to always exude an air of professionalism and to look your best.

Here are some ways you can make sure you look your best on your first day at work:

Invest in Your Smile

Smiling can help you come across as approachable, especially in a corporate setting. According to author and speaker Lillian D. Bjorseth, a smile is very important in a business setting as it conveys interest and excitement, as well as creates a positive environment.

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Dress for Success

Before you go to work, make sure that you are dressed appropriately. The way you dress affects people’s perception of you and consequently, your personal brand. In the article entitled “A Brand Called You” published in Fast Company Magazine, author Tom Peter says personal branding lets us bring out our special traits and then communicate those strengths to the right audience.

Apart from proper clothing, good posture is also important. Proper posture can help convey confidence and trustworthiness that people in the business want to see.

To create a positive impression, you must do your best to look great, even without a dress code to follow. This entails wearing appropriate clothes, wearing a huge and positive smile, and projecting good posture. Remember, the way your bosses and peers perceive you will dictate the way they treat you.