Looking for a Job? Climb the Dental Chair First

Looking for a Job? Climb the Dental Chair First

Cosmetic Dentist in ArlingtonLooking for your first job or a better job? How about climbing the dental chair first? Here are some reasons why you should boost your resume with a visit to a cosmetic dentist in Arlington.

Your smile “reveals” your intelligence and sense of accomplishment.

According to Kelton Global’s, “Behind the Smile Perception Study,” a person’s smile can have a major influence on the individual’s romantic and career success. In this 2012 study, people with crooked teeth are seen as less brainy and proficient than people with straight smiles. In a world of appearances, a visit to a cosmetic dentist is therefore a pragmatic decision and a worthwhile investment.

Your smile is part of your appearance

Interviewers usually determine whether an interviewee is a good candidate for the job within six seconds of meeting the person. Since your smile is part of your appearance, a confident smile can help you give the impression of professionalism, success, and competence. Even a small-scale smile makeover can help you smile with confidence.

A smile makes you appear more trustworthy

According to a University of Pittsburgh study on the relationship between a person’s level of attractiveness, the intensity of the individual’s smile and the person’s level of trustworthiness, the bigger you smile, the more trustworthy you seem.

You will appear more likeable if you smile at your interviewers than when you either frown or hold a neutral expression. Unfortunately, you won’t smile confidently if your teeth are stained or crooked. If you have an interview coming up, a cosmetic dentist in Arlington can quickly whiten your teeth or fit you with veneers.

Arlington Dental Excellence reminds that a great smile is invaluable in the business world. If you have broken, crooked, crowded, or stained teeth, visit a cosmetic dentist. Even a minor smile makeover can help you appear smarter, wealthier, more competent and healthier. And when you’re happy with your smile, you will get the last-minute confidence bump you need before heading into the interview.