The Better Choice: Why Buy Your College Kid a Used Car Instead of a New One

The Better Choice: Why Buy Your College Kid a Used Car Instead of a New One

Car Buying in Corpus ChristiGiving a used car to your teen who’s currently in college or is graduating can entail huge responsibilities. But, there are benefits to owning a car even if it isn’t brand new. And it would benefit both you and your child too.

It’s Not as Expensive– This is one of the most obvious reasons you would want to buy a pre-owned car for your child instead of a new one, says If the vehicle is still durable, looks good and is affordable, then you have a good deal. Just check with your college student for their preferred brand, model or color and so you can find a pre-loved version closest to their choice, if not the actual one.

A Great Motivating Factor – Even in their old age, parents can still teach their now grown-up children a thing or two about life’s challenges and responsibilities. Buying a used car serve as a personal challenge for your child to find a lucrative career and stay there just so they can buy themselves a new car of their choice. There will hardly be a challenge if you already gifted them a spanking new ride. Also, buying a used car can test how responsible they are with such a large gift.

Teaches Budgeting and Car Care – Now that they are a proud owner of a pre-loved vehicle, your young adult will have to learn a little more about car care, budgeting and road courtesy in Corpus Christi. All of these skills are necessary to keep their vehicle in great condition even in the middle of sudden engine problems or vehicular accidents. It will also teach them to set aside amounts for gas, oil, repairs and other car needs.

Admittedly, your concern should go beyond comparing a used car in good condition to a brand new vehicle. This is a gift that you’ve given from the heart because your child needs his personal transportation. Just make sure that they already have their driver’s license before you go shopping for their pre-love ride.