Flyers Are Not Dead, but You Need to Make Them Count

Flyers Are Not Dead, but You Need to Make Them Count

man printing flyersThere’s no doubt that Australia is going social. It explains why many businesses shift their marketing strategies to digital. The reality, however, more than 2.5 million Australians do not utilize the Internet. Over a million homes do not have an Internet connection. In other words, there are still thousands of people who can benefit from offline marketing strategies. These include flyer marketing.

Why Flyer Marketing Still Matters

According to Australia Post, at least 83% of household owners check their letterbox on a daily basis. Most of all, 42% of those who had gotten hold of these materials purchased something over the past year.

Catalogues and flyers beat other forms of marketing in terms of influence. More than 60% made their purchase decision because of them. Meanwhile, about 25% said email marketing attracted them to buy while 17% were influenced by social media.

Flyer marketing is especially effective for those who are into real estate. Around 3.1 million Australian renters read unaddressed mail weekly. These are also the individuals who are looking for a new home to stay.

Increase Your Conversions

Flyers are effective and cheap, but for businesses, the goal is to increase the conversion while lowering the costs. After all, these materials tend to have a conversion rate of about 1% to 2%. If a business made 2,000 flyers, it means only 20 people will become customers. Furthermore, in many cases, recipients keep them for just a few days. Some would immediately throw them into the bin.

Marketing studies have revealed flyers have more value when they’re customer-centric. They may come with coupons or discount cards. They also have strong visuals to allow them to stand out among the other flyers in the letterbox. Most of all, the message is short but precise and clear. Recipients usually allocate only a few seconds to process the information.