Green Card Dreamer? Here’s a Quick Immigration Q&A

Green Card Dreamer? Here’s a Quick Immigration Q&A

Immigration Lawyer in LehiWith the latest issue on immigration order executed by President Donald Trump, citizenship and immigrant visas have become the talk of the town. The government sent many traveling immigrants back to their home countries. Even the green card holders aren’t entirely safe at this time, but at least they have the permanent resident status.

Whether you are already in the US or not and you plan to get a green card, here are some essential information you should know:

What is a Green Card?

As mentioned above, the green card is an immigrant visa that provides the holder with a permanent resident status. You should never confuse it with US citizenship or naturalization. It only enables lawful entry into the US, but it doesn’t mean you’re an American citizen. Also, green cards are subject to renewal.

How Can You Get a Green Card?

According to Buhler Thomas Law, P.C., an immigration lawyer in Lehi, there’s a common misconception that immigrants must submit their own applications for green cards. But the truth is an immigrant needs a “sponsor” to file the application for them. The sponsor must be a close family member of the applicant or an employer who can provide proof that they are willing to support the immigrant for years.

Which Sponsorship Works Better?

In the last few years, employer-sponsored green cards represented only 14% of over 1 million immigrant visas issued across the country. The low numbers can be rooted in the fact that employers had to win a lottery, which is set up by the government each year, before they can sponsor an immigrant worker for a green card application. The most recent green card lottery results, for instance, only granted about 85,000 visas. With that, it’s safe to say that the family member sponsorship is an easier route.

Like other visas, green card applications aren’t easy to complete. It takes a lot of time and effort before you can enjoy a permanent resident status. So, it is best that you ask an immigration lawyer to help you in this matter. They can guide you to make smarter decisions, and more importantly, they can make the process somehow more convenient.