4 Things to Do After You Have Successfully Sold Your Property

4 Things to Do After You Have Successfully Sold Your Property

Successful Property Sale in AustraliaThere are times when you’re forced to sell your property, for whatever reason it may be. Maybe you have met some financial difficulties or you already have no use for your property, but continue to pay its taxes. Perhaps you’re moving to another place overseas and find it irrational to maintain ownership of such property.

Your obligation, however, doesn’t end with the signing of the contract of sale. There are still other things to do after you’ve sold your property successfully. What are these?

Convey your property

One of your obligations — and your last act as an owner — is to convey the property to its respective buyer. This involves preparing the necessary documents, so the title will be transferred to the new owner without problems. To achieve this, you need professionals to help you prepare for the necessary documentations and settlement.


FairTrading.nsw.gov.au lists those who may do conveyancing. While it’s true that conveyancers in Australia do not have to be lawyers, it will be to your benefit to get legal services. One reason is that lawyers are experts in preparing conveyancing document and their legal knowledge far exceeds that of ordinary solicitors.

Finding the Right Help

Connolly Suthers and other legal professionals say that finding the right Townsville lawyer to assist you in the conveyancing process isn’t that difficult. After all, lawyers are already experts in ensuring that all legal documents are complete and sorted out. They can also make proper representations in case you are not available to answer the questions of the buyer or respond to their requests.

The Final Act

According to Australia.gov.au, the transfer of title of ownership of property in Australia is largely dependent on the registration of title’s Torrens principle. Check the central register of the territory where your property is located to guide you on the Torrens principle of your title. When everything is complete and all legal documentations have been prepared, you can finally transfer the property title.

After the sale has been completed, there are still some important matters that you need to — one of which is to convey your property. At this stage, seek the help of a reliable and trustworthy lawyer.