Hair Transplant: The Key to Achieving the Perfect Look

Hair Transplant: The Key to Achieving the Perfect Look
Hair Loss in Sterling Heights“Your hair is your best accessory.”

This quotation emphasizes the essential role of hair in enhancing a person’s looks. Hair is present in different regions of the face such as the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Therefore, it is essential to undergo restoration as soon as you detect the earliest signs of hair loss.

The Natural Course of Hair Loss

Most people have the misconception that hair loss is always caused by different medical conditions. However, gradual hair reduction is a normal condition that occurs as person ages. This can be attributed to the lower rate of follicular cell division, which results to thinner strands. As hair becomes sloughed off the surface, fewer follicles are produced.

Baldness among Women

Abnormal reduction of hair follicles may occur among women due to post-partum changes and autoimmune disorders. After pregnancy, a woman’s hair becomes thinner due to the sudden decline in estrogen hormone, which stimulates hair growth. On the other hand, autoimmune disorders such as alopecia areata and systemic lupus erythematosus result to focal hair loss because strand roots are attacked.

According to Michigan Hair Restoration, many women prefer hair transplant solutions to restore the volume and vitality of their hair. it’s advisable to get some professional help to determine the right treatment plan.

Surgical Management of Hair Loss

Surgery is the mainstay treatment for long-term hair restoration among women. Hair replacement surgery is a procedure that involves the transfer of regularly growing follicles to a bald area. Since these are natural strands, they resemble the actual appearance of hair. In order to hasten transport into a recipient site, a surgeon typically uses follicular units that are comprised of several strands of hair. The tissue is carefully harvested to prevent superficial damage of the surface.

When the follicles are transplanted, they undergo the normal phases of growth after the first two weeks. The roots start to lengthen and thicken to resemble natural hair development. Within 12 months, transplanted hair achieves complete strength.

Surgical management serves as a direct method to achieve hair restoration for women. Thus, it is essential to find a cosmetic surgeon who can devise the best strategy for hair transplant surgery.