Heat and Hair: How to Deal with Summer Hair Problems

Heat and Hair: How to Deal with Summer Hair Problems

Spring is finally over, and the hot weather is slowly making its way into the United Kingdom. While it’s a refreshing change from the usual cold and rainy weather in the U.K., summer can also bring a variety of hair problems like frizz, greasy scalp, chlorine damage from pools, and the dreaded color fading. However, they shouldn’t stop you from having fun outdoors. Here are surefire ways to solve hair issues during the hot weather.

Greasy Scalp

Even if you do shower and shampoo every day, you might notice that you still get greasy hair. This can feel irritating and just looks terrible. This is because the sebaceous glands in your scalp become overactive during hot weather, causing it to produce more oils that drip down your locks. Try to be more gentle when massaging your scalp while shampooing so that you don’t stimulate your sebaceous glands. And if you get greasy hair hours after your bath, add a bit of dry shampoo to it.


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Frizz happens when your hair dries up because of the heat. It ends up absorbing moisture from the air. And it ends up swelling and opening up, causing the unsightly frizz. Use shampoo with hydrating ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. These not only minimize frizz, but they also make your hair look silky smooth. Using conditioner, like one that Davines OI offers, can also lessen the kinks in your hair.

Chlorine Damage

Summer calls for a trip to the beach, or at least your local swimming pool. These pools will often use large amounts of chlorine to keep disease-causing bacteria to a minimum. However, this chemical isn’t exactly excellent for your skin or hair. Your best bet is to use a swim cap.

If your locks are too long and thick for a swim cap, however, you might have to go in with your bare noggin. Wet your hair in the shower before you get into the pool so that it absorbs less water later on. You should also use specialized shampoo like UltraSwim or TRISWIM for your after-pool shower. These have properties that can cleanse your hair of chlorine.

Fading Hair Color

Summer activities like spending your time under the sun and going to the pool or beach can break down the outer layers of your hair. When this happens, the dye that’s bound to it might fade. Always use a hat or a cap to protect your hair from the immense heat of the sun. You should also keep your hair healthy by using a cleansing cream, which is much gentler on the locks than shampoo. Skip the warm water baths as well, as cold water is better for your hair during the hot weather. These methods help your cuticles stay closed, which makes the hair hold more moisture to stay healthy.

Summer is a season for fun, with long road trips and soaks in the beach. However, the hot weather also does a number on your locks. The best way to deal with hair problems during the summer is to stay hydrated and practice good hygiene. You’ll have great hair to match your summer bod in no time.