Summer Is Coming: Be Ready to Stay Cool

Summer Is Coming: Be Ready to Stay Cool

beachThe changing of seasons happens fast. One moment it’s  winter, but you’re already anticipating the heat of summer. Spring just started in Australia, but time can go by in a blur.

The heat in Perth can be unbearable once summer steps in — and the weather can be unpredictable. You don’t want to be caught off guard once the temperature rises, so find ways to prepare.

Ways to cool down

Hearing the word ‘summer’ can make people scramble for ways to stay cool. This early, you should be thinking of ways.

Prep your Perth home by setting up an air conditioner to keep temperatures comfortable. Have experts check your unit because it needs repair or maintenance to function well. Use fans, as well.

Seasonal features

Focus particularly on your windows. One thing you can do is to put reflective coating on them. That way, you will have protection from the sun because heat bounces off. The sun can give off harmful UV rays, so arm your house with the right shield.

Another treatment you may want to get for summer is the fly screen. The season can bring in a lot of flies, so you’ll be needing a lot of screens to keep them from entering your dwelling.


Invest in ice cube trays before summer comes. It’s guaranteed you’ll be using most — if not all — of them. Nothing beats having an ice cold drink when it’s hot. It’s a refreshing way of cooling down, so make sure you have those trays ready.

The heat of summer need not be feared — you just have to know the ways to prepare for it. The best solution, though? Hit the beach!