Cool Change: 4 Ways to Look Your Best this Autumn

Cool Change: 4 Ways to Look Your Best this Autumn

facial treatmentAs the crisp cold air of autumn begins to make its presence felt around the United Kingdom, many across the country are starting to update their wardrobe. For some men, however, the idea of looking sharp this season is something they do not give much thought. If this is something you can relate with, it might be time to rethink the choices you make in fashion.

It is not that hard to pull off a sleek look this season. Here is a quick discussion on the ways to look your best this autumn:

Clean Up Your Look

The clean and shaven look works anytime of the year, but autumn is the best time to sport it. A slick haircut can make a huge difference. Coupled with a good trimming of all facial hair, you will be turning heads as soon as you leave the barbershop. The Groom Room also says having a facial treatment to go with your routine haircut and shave can work wonders.

Impress With a Blazer

Blazers should be a staple this season, so make sure to have at least a couple in your closet. This is also means you have to be a bit more creative wearing the blazer if you want to stand out. You can jazz up your ensemble by layering a V-neck sweater, cotton shirt, and a good tie. For casual nights at the pub, simply throw on a shirt and jeans for a relaxed look.

Trade in the Linen Suit

The cool weather of autumn demands a different set of fabrics, so do away with your linen suit or jacket and go for tweed instead. It is good for dressing up for work or when meeting with clients any time of the day.


Lastly, do not hesitate to accessorise; even the most basic accessories add subtle improvements to your ensemble. Make sure, though, that what you use matches your outfit. For example, if you are wearing leather gloves, pick a colour that matches your coat. Your scarf should also complement the colour of the coat for a sleek look.

Autumn is the best time to show your fashion A-game. By being particular with apparel details and grooming, you can look your best for the entire season.


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