Virtual Imagery: The Secrets to Creating Efficient E-Posters

Virtual Imagery: The Secrets to Creating Efficient E-Posters

Digital PosterThe world is advancing really fast. From top-of-the-line gadgets and high-powered vehicles to everything wireless, people are getting more convenience in life with the latest technological innovations.

Nowadays, people use digital or electronic posters to present ideas, proposals and other information. They’re similar to traditional posters, as presenters put them up on the wall for the audience to see. The only difference is that they use large computer screens. In most cases, they make use of 42” LCD displays, wall-hanged in a landscape position.

Much like in a traditional poster, well-designed digital posters should be self-explanatory, highlighting both clarity and coverage throughout. The number of slides usually depends on your presentation. Some consists of only one, while others have as many as 50 slides.

To make the most of your presentation, follow a few guidelines on formatting and creating e-posters.

Get Full Attention

First, keep in mind that less is more in presentations. You can’t expect your audience to stay focused on the slides throughout. People only have a certain attention span. Anything that you project beyond is worth nothing to them. It’s not about how much information you provide, but how clear and concise your e-poster design and content are. Information overload won’t do you any good.

Mind the Readability

You have better chances of successfully sending your message across when the audience understands what you want to say. You can ensure this by using simple and standard fonts that are also large enough to read from afar. The more difficult it is to read your presentation, the more people won’t appreciate it.

Aside from using the right typeface and font size, you should also consider proper colour contrast. No matter how simple your text reads, you’re wasting time and effort presenting if the audience can’t view the words clearly. Basically, put dark texts on vivid backgrounds or vivid texts on dark backgrounds.

Digital posters are mostly visuals, so adding HD graphics and videos is ideal; however, sounds are more often unnecessary. By following these tips, you’re a step closer to a successful presentation.