Holding a Meaningful and Cost-effective Memorial Service: Key Considerations

Holding a Meaningful and Cost-effective Memorial Service: Key Considerations

In a world where we have so much information literally at our fingertips, organizing activities on any scale has never been easier. From our daily schedules to long-term business and career goals, we can spend a lot of time on such considerations. Surprisingly, though, many people tend to neglect planning for the one thing that’s inevitable: mortality.

In Ogden, death can still be a sensitive subject, depending on a person’s background and beliefs. Some people simply don’t want to discuss the matter or put it off until some vague future time. But if you’ve experienced bereavement, you’ll know how important it is to have some arrangements in place. There is a limited amount of time for the grieving survivors to put together a respectful memorial while covering the necessary costs.

Here are some ways you can help craft a meaningful tribute to the deceased while making the most of available finances.


Did the deceased leave any instructions as to the manner of disposition? If no specifics were given, you might have to choose from among several options, including traditional burial, green burial, and cremation. Sometimes it’s possible to do away with the traditional vault, order a casket online or make a DIY urn, for instance. Make sure to take into consideration any local customs or family traditions, as well as religious practices; some faiths have more strict specifications compared to the Latter-Day Saints.

Within the restrictions, you should research your options. Look around and compare different services in Ogden. This is where having a pre plan for the funeral really comes in handy because the window of time to do research and make comparisons is limited. You may be able to save money while finding the best service provider to honor the departed.

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Bereavement often leaves us at a loss for words. Whether a person belongs to the deceased’s immediate family, close friends, coworkers, or social acquaintances, you probably know how difficult it can be for anyone to find the right thing to say during such an occasion.

The importance of a funeral service is to provide a structure through the symbolism of ritual. People of varying degrees of closeness in relationship to the deceased will need the healing benefits of a service to acknowledge and express their grief, and the service frames the occasion.

You may opt for an immediate burial, or have the disposition of the body done within up to two days to skip the need for embalming. Refrigeration is also an option. By shortening the viewing period for the body, you can reduce expenses and remove the factor of time pressure, which allows people to focus on the service. It also affords you more flexibility in terms of the visitation schedule and venue.


Mourners have traditionally extended their sympathy to the family of the deceased with flowers, but a recent practice has been to provide donations instead. A line requesting for donations can be included in the obituary of the deceased so that well-wishers can choose to support your chosen charity, and this can contribute to a more meaningful memorial.

Don’t forget that donations can also go both ways – the deceased may have wanted their body to be given over to the service of the scientific community. Some institutions may cover all or part of the expenses involved, and this can be another way to add a further layer of meaning to the occasion.

Death is a certainty, and memorials are necessary to allow loved ones the time to gather and grieve. Even with limited resources, a meaningful tribute is important, and plan ahead if you can.