Quit Smoking with Vaping: How Safe and Effective?

Quit Smoking with Vaping: How Safe and Effective?

Electronic CigaretteAccording to the WHO, there are more than six million people who die every year because of tobacco and second-hand smoking. What is more surprising is that four out of five smokers live in countries with poor to moderate economies. As such, smoking has been largely taken as one of the world’s biggest public health concerns.

Quitting can be difficult for many despite the many easy ways to quit smoking that they can do. Thanks to advances in technology, Quit Stop Now noted that more smokers are finding the use of non-nicotine treatments and electronic cigarettes as a more viable alternative to smoking. People who use electronic cigarettes inhale vapors created by an atomizer, which heats an especially formulated e-liquid.

Is It Safe?

Majority of electronic cigarettes contain vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, or a combination of both. It’s best to understand that e-cigarettes may still contain nicotine, and even so studies show that vaping every day can still help you. Propylene glycol is a substance that is primarily used in the production of pharmaceutical products as well as certain personal care products. This substance attracts water molecules and holds them together. When used in e-cigarettes, the propylene glycol is what holds the water vapors together. Some companies add artificial flavorings to enhance the whole vaping experience.

The safety of vaping is entirely related to its contents. As such, some of the more common side effects are dry mouth and skin, itchiness, dry eyes, and rashes on the face which are all temporary.

Is it Effective?

Quitting smoking is all about discipline and your desire to get rid of the nicotine off your system. As e-cigarettes come in different nicotine levels (some have no nicotine content at all), you can plan your progression effectively. This can help with your nicotine addiction until you reach a point that your body has already adjusted well to the absence of nicotine.

Is vaping effective? If you trust the words of those who have already tried it and have attested to its effectiveness, then it might be best to believe them. If you’re still in doubt, there are institutions that can help you.