Home Designs from TV ‘s Most Unusual Series

Home Designs from TV ‘s Most Unusual Series

As people spend their days under lockdown, they spend more time at home, which means more time to look at their home environments and check for possible improvements. But it’s not just mainly through rest and reflection. Many homeowners sit down and watch television shows that inspire them to approach their home design and decor in different ways. Here are some shows that might inspire you to approach your home design through a different lens.

What We Do in the Shadows (TV Series, FX)

The show is inspired by the movie of the same name. It is shot as a documentary about three vampires living in an old, dilapidated mansion in Staten Island. Most vampire shows are about horror, but this one is all about how they struggle to live among humans. Since they’ve been living for a couple of hundred years, their home needs to be a bit more eccentric. The designers wanted a Gothic atmosphere in the house to suit its denizens, so they chose pointed arches, velvet curtains, vintage home furnishings, and even taxidermied animals to reflect the years of the characters’ existence as well as their unusual tastes.

If you have a hankering for antiques, gilded cushions and even turn-of-the-century furniture, watch some episodes of the show so that your house will have that chic Gothic charm.

The Good Place (TV Series, NBC)

A fantasy comedy about the afterlife, eternity, and happiness might look the best in this show. Every house looks perfect, the colors are mostly muted cool pastels mixed with brighter warm hues as accents, and there are yogurt shops everywhere. The apartments are well-designed and the offices clean and bright. Everything is green and sunny outside.

If you want a home that reflects good old-fashioned values and clean open spaces with smart use of color, watch this show.

Harlots (TV Series, Hulu)

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This period drama explores the lives of 18th-century women in Georgian England. Rococo design and eastern influences are strong in the series. There is Chippendale furniture for the lords and ladies, while the lower classes use more basic furniture but with a rustic touch. The characters’ costumes have frills, laces, and ribbons, along with the powdered wigs and faces, which all create a sense of theater.

If you want a house that follows classic symmetry and balance but still has decorative elements that are naturalistic, be inspired with this show’s set designs.

Other Shows That Could Inspire

But there are other shows that could help you redesign your house. There are Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (for those who want to renovate), Tiny House Nation (for those who want to live in a small house), and The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (for those who want to see unique and inspiring house designs from across the world).

So even if you’re stuck inside the house, you do not have to be stuck with your home decor. There are so many ways to improve, renovate, or add to your home to build the kind of environment you want in your living space.