4 Ways to Achieve a Bespoke Home Interior

4 Ways to Achieve a Bespoke Home Interior

These days, more homeowners in Singapore are becoming attracted to the idea of living in a bespoke home. Bespoke is about the great attention to detail, a lavish appeal, and an unmistakable artisanal quality that speaks volumes about the personality of the property owner. In short, it’s customisation with a level of unique luxury.

That said, modern luxury interior design companies that specialise in bespoke interiors go to great lengths to ensure that their clients are truly satisfied with the quality of their work. These companies follow both age-old and modern interior design concepts to provide clients with the kind of interior spaces that they demand; therefore achieving a truly bespoke appeal that is worth gracing the covers of glossy magazines.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own property, take a quick read and see how you can have a lavish home interior with a truly customised finish.

Have some custom cabinetry

While you can always go for nice, pre-fabricated cabinetry from a reputable supplier, nothing says artisanal than cabinetry that is made to your exact specifications. The good thing about having custom cabinetry is that you can place once practically anywhere you want inside the house: in your bathroom, kitchen, master’s bedroom, or even your living room. There are artisanal shops that specialise in cabinetry and you can have your interior designer order one from them using your specifications.

Stones – lots of them

Whether we’re talking about a countertop made from the finest Carrara marble done by a skilled artisan or a sleek granite bathroom sink hand-crafted to perfection, nothing speaks of a luxury than using the finest natural stones known to man. While they may cost high, these natural stone embellishments will surely make up for the hefty price tags with the bespoke look and feel that they can provide to any interior setting. There are artisan shops that specialise in creating such masterpieces and your interior designer can surely make some arrangements to have your desired pieces made to your liking.

Get custom furniture pieces


Be it a lounge sofa made of the finest leather or dining set with the most gorgeous wood and sleek metal, custom furniture pieces are sure to become functional items in your home, as well as conversation pieces when you have guests. The good news is that there is absolutely no shortage of manufacturers of these custom interior decoration products, so you can list down your ideas and have them turn your dreams into reality.

Let there be (luxurious) light!

The way you illuminate your home plays a critical role in achieving a bespoke and luxurious atmosphere that’s hard to miss. You can easily achieve this by investing in a nice chandelier that could be made from crystals or a metal frame with a time-hewn, Old World charm to it. You can go modern or you can go antique; it won’t matter as long as the lighting elements are elegant and in harmony with the rest of your interior design.

With a bespoke interior design theme, you can have a source of pride inside your home knowing that luxury can be found in every corner. Start creating your dream living space today.