Top Student Housing Options

Top Student Housing Options

Going to college can be expensive and confusing. You have to think about the fees, programs, loans, clubs, etc. Your accommodation shouldn’t add to your headache. To help ease your troubles, here are some tips when looking around for student housing:

Dorms aren’t your only option

Yes, living on campus is ideal. More than 80% of undergraduate students live on campus for all four years of their stay in universities. After all, a dorm has all the amenities you need. They’re located within walking distance from the academic buildings. Plus, many schools have institutional programs that help students adjust to college life.

But some colleges cannot accommodate all their students within campus properties. If you’re one of the unlucky few who need to live off-campus, or if you just don’t want to have a roommate (or several roommates), you can look around for rental apartments or rooms near your college in Richmond, Virginia, for instance.

Here’s a tip: Try to find all-inclusive 1-bedroom apartments in Richmond, VA that have amenities and utilities you would find in dormitories. This way, you won’t have to worry about sharing bathrooms or kitchens. You can find some of them in the downtown area.

Think of your budget

dorm interiorThis may seem common sense but it’s always a good reminder: always keep your budget in mind when you look for accommodations. You might think that you’ll supplement your funds with a part-time job or two. But you don’t know yet how you’ll adjust to college life.

So, for your first year, try to get accommodations that are within your actual budget. You can move to a different location when you know you can handle your academics, social life, and work at the same time.

It might be easier for you to see the bigger picture if you create a list of rooms or apartments for rent and the pros and cons of each one. You don’t have to go to Richmond to conduct research. There are so many websites that allow you to view accommodations and their prices online.

Also, you always have the option to share the rent with someone. This may not be the best solution, especially for introverts, but it can be a temporary arrangement. Don’t worry about being a bit far from your college. Richmond has a great bike culture. Many people use bicycles even on major roads.

Check out the neighborhood

Richmond is considered a university town so it’s a relatively safe place to be. But, of course, some neighborhoods are safer than others. Each neighborhood also has its own unique “flavor.”

Students who have quite a bit of money generally go to “The Fan”, which covers the Belvidere to the Boulevard area. This place attracts a mix of residents, but mostly young families and empty nesters. The rent here isn’t cheap. It’s a fashionable neighborhood offering a good selection of restaurants and retail stores.

If you want a more upbeat vibe, try Woodland Heights and Oregon Hill. These are where a more diverse group of people congregate. These neighborhoods offer decently-priced rental properties. Whether you live in dorms or apartments, make sure you’ll be able to study and enjoy your college life.