The House Builder Challenge: Maximising That Extra Room

The House Builder Challenge: Maximising That Extra Room

Home Builders in BrisbaneMost people want to have huge mansions, but sometimes having one extra room is enough. Small families would be perfectly happy having one room that features their main interest or hobby. Here are a few options for your home’s extra room.

Music Room

If your family loves music, why not encourage them by putting up a music room for them to practice instruments and even sing their hearts out? You may need to soundproof the room so you’re assured that the neighbours will not be disturbed. Check with family members what instruments they would like to have in the room. And of course, don’t forget the sound system.

Play Room

This is perfect for Brisbane families that still have toddlers or young kids. Make sure that everything in the room is age-appropriate and kid-safe. This should also be the case for the construction materials used. Go for organic flooring like softwood or hardwood, and lead-free paints. Avoid small decor or plants when furnishing the room, and use short curtains or blinds for your windows.

Personal Office

Busy professionals can have house builders turn that extra room into an office so they can work at home, either on their present job or on a second career. You need to find the right office furnishings and electronics to fit your extra room. You don’t need to buy new furnishings if you can get spares from other rooms. Add sockets and extension cords to accommodate the additional equipment. Check if the Wi-Fi connection is strong in the room.

Of course, there is the typical choice of turning it into a guest room. Just make sure the bed is placed properly so it doesn’t get in the way of the original theme of the room.