Home Tips: Taking Good Care of Furniture

Home Tips: Taking Good Care of Furniture

Aside from the purchase price and maintenance costs of your house, another investment that eats up most of your home budget is furniture. As a furniture set is often expensive, it is important to take good care of the pieces so that they will serve you long.

Well, wood is the first material that has been utilized by man to make furniture. But now, to further highlight and enhance the aesthetics of wood, other materials like fabric, leather, glass, ceramic, plastic and metal are being incorporated to create a sleek modern look, breaking the monotony of the plain touch of wood.

In this guide, we will provide tips that will enable you to keep your furniture clean, visually appealing, and have prolonged usability.

Taking Care of Wooden Furniture

Wooden pieces of furniture are one of the most common but also the most expensive types you can buy. In addition, this type of furniture is easy to clean and maintain. As long as its upkeep is being done in the right manner, it can surely last for a long time.

To help you take care of your furniture and preserve their quality for longer use, here are some fool-proof tips and tricks.

  • Clean: Wooden furniture pieces are commonly coated with special chemicals to protect surfaces from wear and tear, especially from a possible termite infestation, thus, making you relieved that these furniture pieces do not need any special cleaning techniques. Regular cleaning is sufficient to keep your furniture neat. But, be sure to use non-harmful cleaning chemicals to ensure that the coating will stay intact.

  • Polish or Wax: Don’t do these two actions simultaneously. Based on the manufacturing company’s suggestion, you should either polish or wax certain pieces.

Taking Care of Leather Furniture

Due to the added comfort and aesthetic that upholstery brings, leather furniture is taking the market by storm. In addition, given that an item is upholstered with pure leather, it can be expensive to purchase and maintain.

Some leather furniture manufacturers and suppliers also advise their consumers that their furniture items need sophisticated maintenance with the use of special tools and products. Thus, hiring a well-skilled leather upholstery cleaning service provider, either from their enterprise or an individual company,  should be considered to prevent unintentionally damaging items from DIY procedures.

However, here are several simple things that you can do at home.

  • Clean: To clean leather, you just need to wipe spills immediately with mild soap to avoid permanent discolouration and damage. Additionally, keep in mind to avoid using any abrasive cleaners, harsh detergents or any type of chemical solution. Opt for a legitimate leather cleaner or polisher available in trusted markets.

  • Vacuum: This helps with the removal of surface soils in pieces coated with leather.

  • Dust: Dusting will keep seats free from dirt and dust, which in turn prevents accumulation that can cause stubborn spots and stains over time.

General Maintenance

Cleaning the furniture

Some items require a specific way of handling, and providing suitable maintenance will lengthen their life. Aside from these distinct needs, plenty of furniture care tips are generally applicable, regardless of the type and material.

  • Avoid exposing them for long in direct sunlight. This causes fading and breakage.

  • Avoid dragging them when repositioning. Instead, lift your furniture when you decide to move them, as dragging can potentially cause permanent damage.

In moments when you feel that you do not have enough knowledge or are unsure about what to use and how to clean a certain stain or repair damage, it is best to seek professional help. This is especially important when you’re dealing with antique furniture that needs specific and detailed care.