Hosting a Dinner Party? Impress Your Friends!

Hosting a Dinner Party? Impress Your Friends!

There is joy in hosting a dinner party. For a moment, you make your friends, and loved ones go in one place to enjoy good food and conversations. But such a task can also be stressful. From the menu to the playlist, you want to make sure that this party won’t flop.

Here are some tricks up our sleeves that will make you the ultimate dinner party host.

1. Prepare a timeline

Some mishaps can ruin your dinner party and the best way to avoid such troubles is to plan. By making a precise checklist and dedicating enough time to accomplish each item, you can prevent any glitches that can spoil the party.

British party planner Fiona Leahy suggests that you decide who will be on the guest list and send the invitations two weeks before the party to give the guests ample time to prepare. By this time, you should also think about the food and drinks you will serve.

You should also contemplate on the overall mood that you want to create for the dinner party by figuring out the decorations and music. Leahy also said you should have the final guest list a week before the party by asking those who did not immediately respond to the invitation to confirm their attendance.

Don’t forget to ask the guests if they have dietary preference or allergies to certain foods so you can prepare an appropriate menu for all. On the day before the event, you can start preparing the meals that usually take long to make like frozen desserts and marinated meats.

If you’re planning to serve sandwiches at the party, you can just call your favorite sandwich catering services in Salt Lake City and focus on getting the other foods ready. You should also begin cleaning the house, especially the rooms and spaces that the guests will use.

2. Set a ‘No Cellphones’ rule


If you want to make the dinner party a memorable one, you should discourage your guests from using their cellphones. You can do this by politely telling the guests in the invitation to keep their mobile phones away if they can during the party so that everyone is in the loop during conversations.

3. Moderate the conversation

Besides the food, a good communication is also essential for the success of your dinner party. As a host, you must cue the conversation so the party won’t be a dud. Perhaps you can ask the guests about interesting throwback stories that all of you can relate to.

If there are guests who are not yet acquainted with each other, warm them up by helping them introduce themselves. Also, you might want to avoid bringing up sensitive topics like politics and religion unless you know your guests are open to different views and opinions.

As the host, it’s your job to keep the fun stories coming and stave off any heated exchanges that can ruin the party.

Nothing compares to the feeling of throwing a dinner party and seeing everyone enjoy it. It’s a proud moment that will make you want to host another exciting dinner party next time. So don’t be afraid to take the last bite because an awesome party host like you deserves it!