How Do You Properly Clean Vinyl Floors? Here Are Three Steps

How Do You Properly Clean Vinyl Floors? Here Are Three Steps

New flooring being setupYou can usually find vinyl flooring in an establishment’s common areas, hospital lounges and even patient rooms. It perfectly blends function with aesthetics.

In fact, most people find it appealing because it is easy to clean and can also ensure patient safety while maintaining its affordable price. But how do you properly maintain these floors?

1. Apply acrylic finish to your vinyl floors

You might want to try applying acrylic finishes to the vinyl floors to give it a more modern look. You only need a mop and a bucket to apply the finish together with a buffer. Doing so will help your staff save more time and even protect your flooring from any damage.

2. Use tennis balls to remove marks

One effective way of removing marks is rubbing it with a tennis ball. The fibre in the tennis ball removes the marks on your floor. You can make the task easier by putting the tennis ball right on the end of the stick so your staff would not need to get down to clean the floors.

3. Learn a few low-impact cleaning techniques

Sweep or vacuum the floor every evening to keep it clean. Try to veer away from using heavy-duty cleaners as these could damage your floor in the long run. You could also use a mop dampened in warm water to remove any dirt that either the broom or vacuum cannot reach.

Another simple method is by using soap specially designed for your type of flooring to clean it up.

These are just a few tips that you might want to consider when cleaning vinyl flooring. It is always best to properly maintain any type of commercial flooring to ensure it lasts several years.