How the Common Folk Can Help Save the Environment

How the Common Folk Can Help Save the Environment

One of the glaring problems that we have come to face in modern times as an entire civilization is climate change. Climate change is defined as any consequential long-term change in the usual pattern of weather in any given place.

Historically, the earth’s climate has changed numerous times. At some points it’s colder, during other points it’s hotter. However, what is worrying about the recent climate change that we are experiencing is how extreme the impacts are compared to the ones in the past.

They aren’t simple changes in weather conditions or temperature. Much graver are the slow onset events like the steady rise of the sea level, the increase in temperature, and the degradation of our forests. Accompanying these are the disruption in our ecosystem and economy – living costs far more compared to how it was during our predecessors’ time.

Changes from the Top-Down

If we fail to do nothing, and these changes in the climate continue to persist, we will be left with a completely inhabitable earth. This fact is reiterated by the recent report made by the United Nations that states that we only have about twelve years left to limit the calamitous impact of human development on the planet.

Moreover, we must keep the increase in temperature at a maximum of 1.5 Celsius compared to 2. Fortunately, over fifty nations have committed to do so. Consequently, they have pledged to make sustainable living possible for their citizens, in hopes of lessening our impact on the earth.

However, it shouldn’t only be the giants making a difference. We, the ordinary people, can do our part in saving the planet in the form of reducing our carbon footprints.

man watering his plants in the greenhouse

Committing to Saving the Environment

Lifestyle changes need to be made. One way to do so is in regards to what we eat. You, the residents of Utah, can grow your own produce. Don’t have the necessary plots to plant seeds in? No worries, since you can employ the delivery services of local Utah companies that provide topsoil.

If having a garden doesn’t fit your lifestyle, maybe try purchasing local goods instead of ones that have been imported. This is because produce that isn’t grown locally costs less environmentally, and has reduced carbon footprint considering it doesn’t need to be shipped from other parts of the world.

Aside from growing our own produce and eating locally, decreasing our meat intake can make a difference as well. If enough people follow our footsteps, the demand for the services of agribusiness, a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, will decrease. And so will its effect on the environment.

Another lifestyle change that we should all try and commit to is spending less time driving our personal vehicles. Instead, public transportation should be considered by us city dwellers. And, should your location necessitates a car, perhaps try looking into electric vehicles. These options will result in the fall of CO2 emissions on our parts.

There are, of course, other ways in which we can help save our environment by reducing our carbon footprints. Some have to do with our shopping habits, others with our traveling. Nonetheless, all of these methods have a singular mindset behind them, and that is to be more conscientious of our choices.

After all, as cliché as it may sound, there’s only one earth. We might as well all try and save it. ​