How You Can Start Property Cleaning Services

How You Can Start Property Cleaning Services

Property cleaning is an arduous task that few love to do. The majority of the people leave this job to professionals. Hence, you will get more customers than you probably imagined here. But the nature of the business is such that you will get many competitors, too. So, it is better to understand all the facets of the company from the very beginning.

Starting a small property cleaning business does not require degrees or years of experience. Now, you can start one with minimal investment in equipment and insurance. You can either choose to do it alone or with a small team. Considering that you have a business plan and money matters sorted with legal help, let us pay attention to other facets.

Consumer Type

Before you take the plunge, it is essential to ascertain whether you will go with homes or business spaces. The former is easy to start. It gets more complicated with the business ones. Your decision regarding this will affect your initial expenses. Most of the work in the home cleaning services is more detail-oriented and will consume much time.

Whereas, in the latter, the area is big and you have to be fast. The homeowner will pay more attention to what you are doing. In business spaces, you can spend less attention to details. Moreover, the latter is more competitive. Now that you know these, you can decide. You can even start both if costs permit. Moreover, this sets the way for the licenses that you will need.

A business license is something that you cannot do without. Additionally, you need General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation insurances, and a Janitorial bond. The GL Insurance covers damages to customer properties during cleaning. A Janitorial bond protects the home owner’s assets from thefts by your employees. The worker’s compensation insurance can help you pay medical and rehab expenses for injured workers.

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Service Type

You need to start with a few jobs, and then you can expand. In house cleaning services, you need to cater to kitchen and bathroom cleaning, apart from other rooms. Consider all areas like floors, walls, tiles, and window sills, amongst the other parts in consideration. The roof is also a part of the house. So, you will get calls regarding that as well.

One area that many people particularly neglect is their gutters. It is necessary for the regular maintenance of the house and protection against water damage. Leaves and twigs also gather inside, apart from rainwater. Roof leaks and foundation damage are some of the results of improper maintenance as well.

Therefore, this cleaning category is lucrative. Most homeowners get it done twice a year at least. It is an integral part of the home maintenance checklist. Now, there is a catch here. If you are doing both homes and offices, your approach will differ.

If you sit down with a comparison of residential vs. commercial gutters, you will find several differences. Most homes have them on sloping roofs, and thus they are constructed differently. For business spaces, they are on flat surfaces, with a different structure. K or U-shape is a standard norm for homes.

Whereas, for business and office buildings, it is the box type. You will find smaller ones in houses. Moreover, municipalities have norms for that, as well. Thus, the shape, size, functionality, legalities of installation differ. This is just one example of what you could be heading for. Be prepared to handle it all.

Tools and Equipment

So, you are almost ready to hit the market? However, you should go through this list ones. You have to ensure to keep these with you when starting property cleaning services. Some of the essential supplies include cleaning uniforms, latex gloves, tile and grout cleaner, extendable duster, disinfectants, and vacuum, to name a few.

If you are overwhelmed to see the list, don’t be. Get your first order, and buy supplies accordingly. You need to plan well. That should get you on the right path. These should have been included in your business plan. If you had, then it gets easy. If you buy wholesale, these come cheaper. Moreover, these products have a shelf-life of 12 to 36 months. So, that should give you some peace of mind.

Marketing Strategies

You need to understand the nature of the business. These kinds of services are primarily local. Today, physical marketing can be a wastage of resources as people do not read leaflets and cards. So, go for online marketing through social media channels. Additionally, advertising on classified sites has proved to be productive. Enlist in local business directories. That is where people look up to such services.

Now, you seem to be all set for the business. These are a few things that are necessary for your business. You might come up with more ideas for its betterment. So, think smart and take the plunge now.