LED Lighting for Warehouses and Large Buildings

LED Lighting for Warehouses and Large Buildings

LED lighting has become popular in residential and commercial lighting applications due to its numerous advantages over conventional lighting. LEDs offer quality lighting, maintenance efficiencies, and reduced energy use. There are some benefits that people looking for commercial lighting can obtain from LED lighting and cannot get with other lighting options. Owners with buildings such as warehouses and sports complexes can benefit from LED lights.

Usually, warehouses utilize either metal halide lamps or fluorescent lamps for their lighting purposes. These two options are an upgrade from the incandescent bulbs, and the building owners can think that they have the best lighting. However, conventional lighting options have limitations, such as less efficiency, disposal hazards, and a short lifespan. Therefore, these owners should opt to obtain LED lighting for their premises. Have a look at three ways that warehouses and other large buildings could benefit from LED lighting:

Adaptive Lighting

LEDs need certain hardware so they can dim. The hardware is easy to install, readily available, and increases the value of LED lighting. When LEDs run at a power that is less than full, they become more efficient. Also, the lifespan of the LEDs increase, so the facility owners do not have to keep buying lighting facilities. LEDs are thus an excellent smart lighting solution. Also, the LEDs care available with sensors such as motion sensors and timers. The sensors are useful in that they adapt to the traffic pattern and ambient condition of the facility.

LEDs Do Not Have Warm-Up Times

Conventional lighting usually has a warm-up time between 15 to 20 minutes, which can be an inconvenience. It is for this reason that large sport arenas managers turn on lights before sunset. The lights need to be on for about 25 minutes before they can fully illuminate the sports arena. That implies that the lights consume energy even before they are of use. And since these lighting fixtures are not as efficient at low power, they need to operate at full capacity to warm the space. AMPRO and other lighting contractors can vouch that LEDs do not need warm-up time, making them an eco-friendly option.

Allows for Frequent Switching

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One of the drawbacks of metal halides is that when one leaves lights off without using for some time, they experience issues when turning on the lights. For instance, a metal halide light takes about 20 minutes before it can be on. That implies that one needs to run lights for a long time than they should. In contrast, LED lighting is turned on and off instantaneously without affecting the device. Therefore, the lifespan of the LED lighting and energy are both conserved as they only run when there is a need.

Overall, LEDs are a better lighting solution for warehouses and large spaces than conventional lighting. Not only will the energy consumption and maintenance rates be minimal, but there will also be quality lighting on the premises. Hire contractors for a review of the current lighting in your premise and for planning to incorporate LED lighting.