Let the Sunshine in for Brilliant Ambient Light at Home

Let the Sunshine in for Brilliant Ambient Light at Home

Many parts of Utah offer a unique environment for developers and homeowners alike. Houses can have all the sunshine they can get, which provides great lighting as well. A big part of natural indoor lighting is the use of windows.

Install Large Windows and Skylights

To provide great indoor lighting, your house would need to be designed to make use of natural sunlight. The installation of skylights, sunrooms, tall windows with panoramic views are just some ideas. This will allow sunlight to come in from the side of the house. This creates plenty of ambient lighting inside, especially if the rooms are brightly colored.

The use of an atrium is also another tried-and-tested option. It will let the sun in through an opening in the roof. Essentially the house would be donut-shaped with a hole where the sun would shine through. It helps with the ventilation during hot days, and the innermost rooms will have plenty of ambient light.

Empty room withskylights

A home with an atrium is not common nowadays. However, it can help save on heating costs, air conditioning, as well as lighting. It can also be a focal point for decorating, especially with greenery. Most ancient homes with an atrium have fountains in the middle.

Large windows require high ceilings. With high windows, the light would stream in the whole day. Although some condominiums have floor-to-ceiling windows, there usually is not enough height. The view would still be great even with limited height.

Letting the sunshine into the home can be a big design consideration for the builder and the architect. It is worth the effort to consider this. Windows can create the effect of an airy atmosphere due to the bright sunlight.

Expose Rooms to Sunlight

Woman pulling up the curtains to let in sunlight

One of the best light sources is sunlight. Sunlight has an even spectrum and provides great color tone to everything it shines on. Another characteristic of sunlight is that it can be quite strong, that even reflected, diffused light that enters a room is sufficient to provide lighting.

Exposing the room to plenty of sunshine also works both ways. It would open up the room for the sunlight to come in, as well as for those inside to see the view outdoors. This works well for those areas with a great view.

Specifically, if the house were in an elevated area, there would be a view of the valley. Beside a lake affords a great view of the water. Another great view would be if the window opens up to the mountains. These all add value to the house and elevates the sense of ownership.

In Utah, the vinyl windows do not need to be facing the sunshine. These can be placed on the other side of the house, or under the eaves. The primary reason for doing that is to maintain the integrity of the vinyl frame. Vinyl becomes brittle when exposed to direct sunlight. It is affordable and strong.

There are only a few warnings about vinyl use. When used properly, it can last from 20 to 40 years. Considering that it is cheaper than wooden windows, it is cost-efficient and worth it.