Maintaining oral health, essential for a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining oral health, essential for a healthy lifestyle

Investing on Oral HealthGoing to the dentist is an essential part of maintaining oral health. Gum infections, damaged and missing teeth can all be treated by the dentist and require attention as soon as possible to ensure further damage is avoided. Most gum issues start as a mild irritation but can become advanced infections and bone loss without treatment. Chips, cracks and breaks can lead to long-term damage including tooth decay and tooth loss. Dental care also includes cosmetic options that can improve confidence and the overall dental aesthetics.

Why have dental treatment in Mackay?

For those living in the city, going for regular dental treatment in Mackay is essential to catching early warning signs of decay and gum disease. Dental professionals such as Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay are able to spot early warning signs of gum disease. Thankfully early dental treatment in Mackay can prevent these early warning signs becoming more serious, so it’s important to attend regularly rather than as a reaction to pain or after gums have been bleeding for a while.

Restorative dentistry working to save teeth

Chipped, cracked or damaged teeth can allow bacteria to get deep into the tooth and under the gum line. By receiving restorative treatments, such as veneers, it not only improves the aesthetics of damaged teeth, it also creates a shield against further damage. Veneers are made of a thin layer of porcelain or dental composite, and are coloured and shaped precisely to fit over a damaged tooth. Dental treatment in Mackay can also include fillings but, unlike grey metal alloy fillings that stand out, they are now available in a natural composite that replicates the natural colouring of surrounding teeth. And should a tooth be lost, there are several methods to replace them, including customised contemporary dentures and dental implants that fix dentures, bridges and crowns into the jawbone.

Straightening a wonky smile

Receiving dental treatment in Mackay can straighten the teeth, providing improved dental function as well as an enhanced appearance. There are various solutions to misaligned teeth, some that do not compromise looks and can even be virtually invisible.