Three Tips for Expats in the Philippines

Three Tips for Expats in the Philippines

Young couple travelingIt’s easy to understand the appeal of the Philippines to expats and tourists. The warmth of the people and the beauty of the islands are two things that are hard to top. If you’re an expat assigned to the Philippines for work, there is no need to be anxious. A new culture and a country is always a daunting challenge, but if you are up to new experiences and adventure, moving to a new country is a great way to expand your horizons. Ease your worries with the following tips:

Live Close to Work

Living closer to your office makes everything simpler. If you’ve been assigned to an office in the heart of the city, a condo in Makati will suit your needs. There are many apartments and condo units available for sale in the country, but ask your agent to choose one that is close to your workplace. Choosing a place that is near your office frees your mind from worries, like memorizing the route to work and back home, getting familiar with traffic rules, and other things that seem trivial but can easily overwhelm a new resident.

People waving the Philippine flagMake Friends with Locals and Expats

Living in a new country comes with challenges. You do not know the streets. You might feel scared of scams, petty crime, and unscrupulous locals. The best way to enjoy your time and avoid unfortunate events is to befriend people who can help you be acclimated to the culture. Making friends with locals is a great way to get to know the customs, idiosyncrasies, and even the language. Choose workmates who can introduce you to the culture, or make friends with other expats who have been in the country for some time. Expanding your social network gives you the chance to converse with people who have gone through the things that you are experiencing now as a newcomer, and they will also provide advice that will make the transition easy for you.

Have Fun

While you’re in the Philippines for work, it can be hard to disregard the fact that both locals and foreigners love having fun. Make the most out of your free time by joining meetups with people with the same interests, going to local haunts, and checking out the many beaches around the country. Domestic flights are very cheap, so better take advantage of that by using your weekends to get away from the city and see more of the islands.

Living in a new country demands that you make adjustments to your behavior, actions, and lifestyle. If that is not enough, you might need to improve your language skills too. But take it as a challenge and make it an experience that will expand your perspective, your social network, and your skills. These three tips are only a few of the things you could do; there are many other things you will learn along the way when you make the move. Many expats have found their home in the Philippines, and you will, too.