Urban Living 101: Finding the Perfect Condo Unit

Urban Living 101: Finding the Perfect Condo Unit

Condo in Cebu CityCondo living has infinite perks. It’s convenient, accessible, and lets you get the most out of life in the city. Most prime condos are strategically located in business and entertainment hubs and basically everything you need to have a swell time in the city.

But as much as there are perks, there are a few sacrifices as well, with space restrictions being the most common. To make up for the limited space, the key is to pick the ideal condo layout on your search for a new home.


Owning a condo is pretty much like owning a house. You’re free to make improvements that fit your lifestyle needs and style preferences. But if you’re thinking about remodelling your condo in the future, it’s wise to choose the right layout beforehand. Before jumping into a sale, study as many floorplans as you can and consult people who might know a thing or two about architecture and interior decorating.

Energy Efficiency

Let’s face it, condo living becomes quite a challenge when the utility bills pile up. But choosing the perfect layout and orientation may just save you from exorbitant electricity costs. Choose a unit that’s just in the right position and orientation, with neither windows nor balcony door facing the sun directly throughout the day.

Room with a View

If you’re buying a condo in Manila, you’ll probably have just the same view of the city. It would be nice to live in a good neighborhood with at least a view of lush gardens or the sea. When you consider a Cebu condo for sale, you’ll get unlimited views and be surrounded by lush landscaping.

Ideal Floor

There are many factors to consider when deciding on which floor to buy a unit. In terms of cost, the higher the floor is, the more expensive the unit is. Most of the luxury units are on the upper floors because people are willing to pay a premium for outstanding views. If you’re not exactly particular with the view, however, any floor will do as long as it has the two characteristics mentioned above.

Buying a condo is not something you should do on a whim. Lay down a budget plan, make a list of your living preferences, and scour the city for the perfect condo unit that meets your criteria.