Making Corporate Parties More of a Perk than an Obligation

Making Corporate Parties More of a Perk than an Obligation

CateringIt is not a manager’s fault if his or her employees are not exactly jumping to attend the next corporate event. These banquets have a reputation of being dull, with free food its only bright light. Many event planners are guilty of riding that one redeeming factor, and expect to it to make the event a success. It will not, and it will only make employees less enthusiastic about the next special occasion.

It may be possible to plan a corporate event without severe consequences, and it is not as rigid as planning a traditional, humdrum work party. The holiday season is coming, and this is the perfect time to prove to your employees that you can concoct an enjoyable festivity.

A Chance to Wind Down

Corporate parties are never fun when they feel as if it is still work. Do not ask your employees to come in the same clothes they use for a regular workday. Instead, invite them to dress up and sass the place up. Suits suggest rigidity, and you will see that letting them wear what they want will instantly put them in a better mood for the party.

More than the Cafeteria

As for food, do not just serve a well-cooked version of what is available in the cafeteria. Granted, you are only holding your banquet in Nelson, great catering can make up for that! It is a special occasion, after all, so why not serve special kinds of foods. You will not fail in choosing gourmet delicacies. Your employees will indulge in it because frankly, they probably do not eat that kind of food every day.


This idea is way out there, but someone did it before. A few employees will not be able to attend the party. Unfortunate, yes, but you can do something about that. Inform them that they can go out that night and that the company will reimburse them for a certain amount. It is a nice way of keeping your company in their minds. In addition, everyone can have light fun discussing where the no-shows decide to bring their loved ones.

The first step in planning a corporate everyone will enjoy is to wind down yourself. If you are the boss or one of the management team, show your more human side and do something your work self would not!