Making Your Employees Feel Safe and Secure Is Valuable for the Business

Making Your Employees Feel Safe and Secure Is Valuable for the Business

When we hear the word safety and security in relation to employment issues, our minds race to compensation concerns, the stability of tenure, and mental and emotional health. We rarely think about the physical safety of the employees when they are in their workplaces. That’s something all business owners are guilty of even though studies showed that physical safety and security make employees happier and more satisfied.

Do you know that workplace-related crimes are very prevalent especially if your employees have to stay at work until the wee hours of the morning? Physical abuses, car theft, and robbery often happen in the parking lots. When these crimes happen, it doesn’t only affect the victim but the morale of the whole workforce.

People won’t feel safe going to their jobs when they know something bad happened to a colleague. It’s the same thing clients and customers will feel when they hear about such terrible news. They won’t feel physically safe to visit your office or store.

You can do a lot of things to secure your workers and property. Doing so is an instant morale booster. Plus, it will help put your customers’ minds at ease, too.

Install a Fence

It’s easy for burglars to get into your property because you do not have an industrial fence installed. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to ensure your workers are safe at night. After working hours, close the fence so no one can get in. Only people who work in the building should have the security code to unlock the gates.

Hire a Security Guard

It’s probably not as practice as fencing off your property to hire a security guard. You have to pay the guard and even provide health and life insurance. If there are other tenants in the building, you can work out a deal with them like dividing the cost of the security guard among yourselves. If it’s for the security of everyone in the building, no expense is too much, right?

Invest in Security Cameras

You can also deter criminals by installing security cameras around the perimeter of your property. These will let them know that someone can see their activities outside the building. It’s a great way to stop criminals from planning an attack. And in case a crime happens, it’s also easy to identify the culprits when there’s a record of their appearance on camera.

Follow a Buddy System

There’s another way to deter crimes and criminal activities lurking in the workplace. It’s through creating a buddy system. Can you still remember the buddy system back in summer camp? This is exactly what this is. When your employees regularly come home late from work, make sure there’s a buddy system in place.

What this means is that no one person has to walk out of the building and to the parking lot by himself. They should always be in pairs or groups of three. This system helps discourage criminals. It is easier to target victims when they are alone. But when they come in groups, criminals will think twice about attacking them.

Install an Alarm System

When someone repeatedly tries to enter your premises using a wrong code, have your system automatically call for security. While you can deter crimes by using a buddy system or installing security cameras, what happens if the criminals can bypass these measures?

One wrong move on the premises should alert the police that your employees are in danger. You can set a security code in the entrance/exit doors so only your employees and the other tenants of the building can get in and out of the building. During work hours, you can disable the alarm to not discourage visitors, clients, and customers.

Manage the Workflow Better


Why are your employees staying until 11 in the evening or even later than that? Why can’t they finish their work or even take them home? Think about the safety of your employees. Are you, perhaps, giving them too much work that they can’t finish them on their shift? Is it possible for them to do these at home where they are safer?

Make adjustments in the workflow and work demands. As much as you want your business to grow, do not put your employees’ lives in jeopardy. If there is too much work, make changes in the schedule of submission. If these are important projects that have to be done right away, allow your employees to do them at home.

Your employees’ safety is equal to their productiveness at work. They mustn’t be rushing out at 5 PM to make sure they come home safely. There’s a tendency to rush into finishing their work, too. But if they know you placed security measures in the office or store, they won’t have to rush out every time the clock strikes five. That’s a better and more relaxing way to use their time in the office.