Outdoor Living Space Alternatives for Your Residential Property

Outdoor Living Space Alternatives for Your Residential Property

With dwindling land space and exploding populations worldwide, houses are becoming smaller. Moreover, with this small square footage, homeowners are doing as much as they can to limit clutter indoors. This leaves most homes with inadequate furniture for hosting small groups indoors or even throwing a small get-together. Well, this need not be the reason that you give up hosting house guests altogether.

You can get some of your much-needed space outdoors. Many people assume that the only structures they can include in their outdoor spaces are carports by a Brisbane-based contractor. Even so, the construction company for your carports will also have a range of outdoor living spaces to suit your needs. The following are some ideas that can help transform your outdoors:

Outdoor Kitchen

Barbeques are some of the most common get-togethers in families. For them, an outdoor kitchen will be a perfect choice. Outdoor kitchens feature countertops, a cooking section, and a dining area. Thankfully, building a kitchen is inexpensive and can be customized to match other exterior elements to meet your outdoor cooking needs and budget.


These comprise columns supporting roofing beams or rafters. You can opt to leave your pergola uncovered if your area does not have harsh weather, but in most cases, a roof cover is included. Pergolas can be attached to your home or installed as a free-standing structure. Most pergolas are customized to meet the space in your home. There are also those that are pre-manufactured so you can place it anywhere on your property.


These are generally the most popular outdoor living spaces. Patios are designed to match your landscape, but they have lots of living and dining space. They are made of pavers, stone, tiles, brick, or pea gravel set on sand or pebble bases. Patios are inexpensive, easy to maintain, durable, and can give you more flexibility in shape and landscaping to match your privacy needs. They are nonetheless best-suited for even grounds, and the cost of their foundations might be high in some spaces.


These are primarily used to enjoy outdoor views. They are mainly made of wood and can feature different levels and railings around them. Decks work for uneven terrain, are comfortable in hot areas, are easily customizable, and have higher returns for your home compared to patios. The wood used for decks is, however, prone to damage from different elements because the deck is most of the time built uncovered. These outdoor living spaces also have higher maintenance needs and weight restrictions.

Lounge Areas

Outdoor deck for house

These are covered spaces often found around swimming pools and well-tended gardens. Outdoor lounges are the ideal choice if you want to maximize the use of your outdoors. They are, however, not so large and will not host as many people as patios and decks.

With the above ideas for your space, entertaining in your home is one thing you cannot wait to do. You can create a transition between your indoor and outdoor space with sliding glass doors. This way, your indoor space looks like a part of the outdoors and vice-versa.