Parents’ Guide to Dubai Education

Parents’ Guide to Dubai Education

Student smilingCompared to other countries in the Middle East, the UAE, especially Dubai, is more liberal due to the increasing expat population. You can see an example of its flexibility in its education. Whilst there are still many Islamic schools in the country, parents may choose other types of education or institution for their children.

If you are new to Dubai or you are thinking about where to send your children, these facts on the country’s education system will help you make a wise decision:

1. Compulsory and Universal Education

In Dubai, it is compulsory for children to attend school from primary up to ninth grade, which is from 4 to 17 years old.

2. Confusing School Names

Schools make names for branding, and adding words such as “International” or “American” or “British” will make them more attractive to the expatriate community. Nevertheless, naming conventions can be confusing in Dubai. For example, some public schools may use terms, such as “model school”. It is, therefore, important for parents to learn more about the institution, including the teachers, the operators, and the curriculum.

3. International Curriculum

As there are many types of schools in Dubai, the curriculum can also differ. Some are geared towards Islamic teaching whilst others are more Western-oriented. Some schools focus on certain demographics, such as Indian schools, which also teach Indian culture and tradition.

Expat families, on the other hand, can benefit from an international curriculum. Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai notes that international education programmes can help kids continue their education even if they are no longer in Dubai. One of these programmes is IB (International Baccalaureate) based in Switzerland. A core part of the goals of the IB curriculum schools in Dubai is to raise responsible global citizens.

There are more than 3,000 IB schools around the world, and Dubai has the most number in the region.

The education system in Dubai is relatively new, but it continues to improve. With many options available, giving your child the best education in this progressive city and emirate is possible.