Partying All Night? How to Keep Your Makeup Sweat-Proof

Partying All Night? How to Keep Your Makeup Sweat-Proof

Have you ever partied so hard that you found your mascara running down your cheeks, or your blush-on going MIA on you? We’ve all been there, and personally, I hate it when my makeup goes all haywire on me, especially when I am out partying. I’ve learned the hard way, and today, I make sure to do all of the steps when applying my makeup to make sure that it will last for the whole night.

Cleanse Then Prime

First, I cleanse my skin with a mild cleanser. After that, I use a mild toner to lightly exfoliate my skin and prep it for the makeup. Next up, we start with the makeup. I make sure to use a base primer so it will stick to my face like glue. The primer will also serve as protection, as makeup can be a bit harsh to the skin.

I personally love Origani’s Perfect Base Primer, as it helps my makeup last way longer, no matter what party I attend. There are hundreds of Origani reviews about this primer, and most of them are positive since the product really is amazing. Each tube has 30ml of product, which will last you a long time since a little of it goes a long way.

I never go on with my makeup without this, as I’ve noticed that whenever I don’t apply this before my makeup, the outcome is patchy and cakey. Whenever I use this, on the other hand, I notice that my makeup is seamless and smooth. My foundation never clings to my pores because the primer is there to actually block it.

Also, this makes a huge difference when it comes to making my makeup last longer, whether I am wearing it during the day or night. My makeup stays intact whenever I use this before applying my foundation, contour, blush-on, etc.

Set It

woman applying loose powder on face

Another thing that I do is I never forget to powder and set my face after applying cream and liquid products to my face. I love using liquid foundation, concealer, cream contour and blush, and these types of makeup products tend to slip and slide if you do not set them.

Make sure to grab a mineral loose powder and dust it over your face after applying your liquid and cream-based products. You can even bake your face and makeup a little bit with the powder for a longer-lasting effect.

Lastly, I make sure to apply a setting spray after I am done with my makeup. This makes the makeup adhere to my face better. Get a spray bottle that has a good misting effect though, one that would really spread the product evenly to your face.

Also, make sure never to overdo it and only spray small amounts of it, as it can easily melt your makeup if you wet it too much. Dry it out with your hand or with a fan before heading out to make the makeup really stick to your face.

You can reapply your makeup and blot the excess oil on your face once in a while, but make sure to respray the setting spray after doing so to keep your makeup looking fresh and not cakey. Have a great makeup day and go on and party!