Planning Ahead: The Role of Estate Planning Attorneys

Planning Ahead: The Role of Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate Planning Attorneys in DenverAs Benjamin Franklin said, the only things certain in life are taxes and death. You can certainly make the most out of your life by being prepared to face the reality of taxes, as well as death, with the help of an estate planning attorney.

What is an estate planning attorney?

An estate planning attorney is a type of lawyer that specializes in helping clients put their affairs in order in preparation for illness and death. They work beyond last wills and testaments. Estate planning attorneys in Denver are experienced in drafting living trusts, helps you in managing your taxes, and protect your savings and assets from creditors after your demise.

Because of the personal nature of their work, estate planning attorneys are known for asking personal questions you might find uncomfortable to answer.

Questions to expect from your estate planning attorney

  1. Who will raise your children if you and your spouse die?

Lawyers ask this question to help prepare for your children’s future. Assigning guardians, if unfortunate events happen, is better than entrusting the future of your children in the hands of a judge who barely even knows your family.

  1. Do you have other relationships? Descendants you didn’t mention?

You might be a picture of a happy family, but lawyers have seen way too many cases of mistresses and children taking claim over a dead man’s property. It is not a comfortable thing to talk about but it is something your lawyer should know.

  1. When do you want to pull the plug?

A health care provider would be able to help you in making such decision. Having an answer to this question can help your family members if the day comes.

No one will ever be fully prepared to leave this earth and your loved ones. But planning ahead can definitely help your loved ones cope with the indefinite future.