Protect Your Car’s Finish: Ways to Minimise Rust Caused by Road Salt

Protect Your Car’s Finish: Ways to Minimise Rust Caused by Road Salt

Rust Prevention in PapatoetoeIn winter, salt is applied on roads to prevent snow and ice from accumulating on the road surface. Salt lowers the freezing point of water and this prevents icy roads.

While road salting keeps drivers safe during winter, the salt can cause the surface of a car to rust. knows that surface rust should not be taken for granted. When left unattended, it can corrode a car and cause major damage to the undercarriage.

No one likes to drive a rusty car. Here are ways to mitigate the growth of rust on your car:

Plan Before Winter

Perform basic car maintenance before the first snowflake drops from the sky. Also, apply a generous amount of wax on every inch of your car. Once finished, apply wax sealant so that the wax will stick to the surface.

Have a professional apply a protective seal on the undercarriage of your car. Make sure to include the brake and fuel lines in the sealing process. These parts are susceptible to rust and may render your car unsafe to drive if they corrode.

Wash the Salt Away

During winter, make it a habit to wash your car every 10 days. It is recommended to wash your car when the temperature rises above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When washing your car, do it during the day so that it can dry completely before nightfall. Nighttime temperatures can cause a wet car to freeze easily.

After washing your car, routinely open and close all doors and other parts of your car. Winter temperatures can freeze locks.

Consider Anti-Rust Options

To provide added protection on your car’s surface, see if you can apply anti-rust products such as oil-based rust proofing sprays. On top of minimising rust, it can also protect the electrical parts of your car.

The damage caused by road salt can be irreversible. These strategies can help repel road salt and make winter a lot more bearable.