Trends in the Industry: Upcoming Real Estate Trends in 2022

Trends in the Industry: Upcoming Real Estate Trends in 2022

The real estate industry is one of the most volatile industries in the US. Various trends make this industry volatile, so you must know the sector’s trends. Once you do, you can make the right course of action, whether you’re selling or buying a property this year.

The current trends controlling the market are low-interest rates, house shortage, smart homes, and house flipping. Let’s first discuss the low-interest rates affecting the state of the market.

Lower Interest Rates

Low-interest rates have been the trend for quite some time now, and many brokers are taking advantage of it. It’s a quick way to sell a property but a pretty lousy way to earn a profit.

The lending industry suffered a decent blow during the pandemic. As a result, not many people are looking to get a loan, especially during a crisis, which means rates have reached an all-time low. One particular market that received a significant decrease in rates is the mortgage market.

A mortgage is an essential part of homebuying, and many brokers know this. Low mortgage rates are attractive for the real estate industry because many of those looking for a house and lot last year are likely to make their dream a reality because of the low rates. However, many experts suggest caution in doing a fast sell due to low rates.

The main reason surrounding this is that low mortgage rates can mean less profit for the broker. Moreover, it can be tough to sell homes when there is a housing shortage going on right now.


The housing shortage has been around for quite some time now, and because of the pandemic, it looks like it’s not going anytime soon. This trend both comes as a blessing and a curse for brokers.

It’s a curse for brokers because even though mortgage rates have reached an all-time low, there isn’t enough supply to sell in the market. Buyers are holding off getting a mortgage because they can’t find the right home to purchase. This is hitting sellers and brokers pretty hard because many can’t leverage the low mortgage rates to sell more homes. However, the shortage can come as a blessing for those who can find the right buyer or the right property.

Brokers and sellers can raise the prices for properties that look attractive in the market without any severe consequences. Moreover, if you’re working in the right state, you’ll have emails flooding your mailbox. People are looking for listings, and they will be desperate enough to contact you. So if you want to know the most attractive homes this year, we have two words for you: smart homes.

Smart Homes

tablet for smart home

Smart homes are fast sellers regardless of the pandemic and the increased price of homes. Many Americans are demanding smart homes, hence, the increase of smart home devices in the past few years. Invest in smart devices for those who want to get their home sold as fast as possible.

Smart devices can add a lot of value to your home. It increases home value by a decent amount, especially if you have a home with sophisticated, innovative systems installed, such as central heating. It also adds a new layer of comfortability to homebuyers making the house a lot more attractive than traditional homes in the market.

Lastly, the demand for smart homes is high. There are millions of Americans out there looking for a smart home purchase, and just being part of that market makes it easier for you to sell your property. So for brokers, it’s good to find smart homes to sell, and for those looking to sell their property this year, invest in smart devices to increase your property value and sell to your property a lot faster.

House Flipping

House flipping is becoming the main mode of purchase among buyers because it’s a lot cheaper than purchasing homes for sale in the current market.

The principle is this: purchase a flippable home in the market at a low cost and use your remaining budget to renovate it into the home of your dreams. It becomes homebuying a lot more affordable during this pandemic. Moreover, it gives you more options when it comes to listings because not a lot of people would purchase a broken-down home.

However, what makes these options so attractive is that you can create any dream home you have in mind for half the cost. It’s such a good option for current homebuyers, and we can’t express enough how house flipping should be your primary home purchase option if you’re on a budget.

Following these trends can be beneficial for brokers, sellers, and buyers. These trends will continue to dominate the industry this year, so make sure to keep updated on the current shortage and mortgage rates. It’ll make a difference the moment you want to purchase a home this year.