Real-life Skills That Your Children Should Know in Preparation for College

Real-life Skills That Your Children Should Know in Preparation for College

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, your kids are stuck at home with you. They can’t play with their classmates. They can’t hang out with their friends. Why not take this opportunity to teach them basic home skills that are oh-so-important once they are off to college? It’s not always about math and science. Schools are going to reopen, so leave those things for the teachers. You can focus instead on practical life lessons and home skills that schools do not teach these kids.

As your kids struggle with the temporary closing of their favorite daycare centers in Salt Lake City, prepare a basic life skill program. These things are valuable, especially to those who are going to live alone when they go to college. Imagine being in a dorm room and not knowing how to fix your bed. Your roommate will be livid. Your kids can’t go about living their lives as if you are still there to fix their bed, wash their dirty dishes, and wash their clothes. They have to learn these as early as possible:

First Aid

This will come in handy because your kids are going to be left alone sometime in the future when they are old enough. How do they take care of themselves if they don’t know basic first-aid skills? If you have a habit of leaving them with their grandparents, this will come in handy, too. If there’s an emergency, they should be able to call for help or provide first aid to their grandparents.

Your kids are going to develop their brains until they are 25 years old. Their brains are like sponges. They will absorb and retain all information.


Financial literacy is something that children learn at home. While some schools also teach these kids the value of saving money, they will better understand how important this is if they see it at home. Require your kids to keep track of where and how they spend their money. Give them a little notebook so that they can jot down how much they receive and spend each day. Give them a piggy bank where they can drop their extra money in.

smiling college studentLaundry and Cleaning

The three basic life skills that your children should learn are cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Teach your kids how to at least put their dirty clothes in the washer and then turn it on. This will help you as a parent when you have loads of things to do in the house. A simple act like this will teach them to be responsible. That will stop them from thinking that a fairy washes, folds, and irons their clothes for them.


Bonding over food is an activity your kids will enjoy, no matter their age now. Take rotations when preparing dinner. The first night, one of the kids can help cook the dishes, while the others prepare the table. Reverse their roles during the second night and so on. Let them wash the dishes, too, as long as they’re able to hold the dishes securely.

With these skills, they’ll be better prepared once they’re out in the world. These skills equip your children with beneficial tools to boost their self-confidence and self-reliance. They are going to be better human beings who contribute to the world.